One Traffic Generating Technique That I Use Is Yahoo Answers

If you have an internet business you already know how important website traffic is. If your heart suddenly stopped moving blood throughout your system there is no way you could survive. The same thing goes for websites, if the website isn’t getting a steady stream of traffic the owner of this site is not going to be making any cash. One of the techniques I use very successfully for generating web site traffic to my sites is Yahoo Answers.The initial thing you ought to comprehend about Yahoo Answers is that they have millions of individuals making use of their site each and every day to search for answers to questions they have. You should also know that every day on Yahoo answers different individuals wind up logging in to ask questions and search for answers. For individuals who have used Yahoo answers for one reason or yet another I know you have seen in some people’s answers they leave a link to a website. And just so you understand, this is the same strategy I use to generate website traffic.So by signing up for this program and answering people’s questions you are going to also have the ability to leave links within your answers. For example let’s say you have a site which advertises weight loss programs. You then start searching the questions the folks ask in the diet and weight loss category on Yahoo Answers. You can now browse through the questions about weight loss, find a question that you actually have the answer to, answer the person’s question and in addition leave a link to your weight loss site. At this time the person who asked the question checks out your website, thereby increasing your website visitors.At this point you have driven at least one individual to your website using this method, but you need to also remember that this one question will now have the ability to produce increased traffic. You need to understand that the page which contains your answer is going to end up being indexed in the search engines. This means if someone is trying to find a similar answer to the one you provided they could find your link in the major search engines and end up going to your internet site. Another thing you should realize is that other folks will answer the same question and if they see a link in your answer there’s also a pretty good chance they will go and visit your site.While answering one question is not going to get you a lot of traffic, but think about what happens if you answer 10 questions a day. You are going to also be building back links to your website each time you leave a link on these web pages, and mainly because Yahoo is actually a recognized authority these links are going to be very valuable. This means your own search engine rankings would additionally be increased providing you even more traffic.